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Product information and care

Our recommendation is to select a blanket weight that is around 10% of the intended user’s body weight, unless you strongly feel you want something heavier or lighter. If you are in between sizes, we recommend selecting the lower of the two weights as the typical customer exchange is for a blanket of a lower weight. For example, if you weigh 80 kgs, you should choose a blanket that weights 7-10 kgs.

However, this is only a recommendation, and it´s up to every individual what weight s/he prefers. Some people prefer heavier blankets.

Anyone who wants to have a better quality of sleep can use a weighted blanket.

If you are concerned with the someone's ability to remove the blanket on their own without assistance, we do not recommend letting them using the blanket without supervision and putting it away and out of reach when you are not home.

The Polar Night blankets should not be used by children under five years old or by any individual or pet that weigh less than 22 kgs due to potential suffocation or choking hazard.

We are all different and have different needs. Many of our customers use their Polar Night blankets just like an ordinary comforters in bed, while others use it in the sofa to relax for a while in front of the TV.

Weighted blankets:

We use two types of fabric materials in our blankets: 100% premium cotton and microfiber. Both fabrics are certified by the OEKO-TEX® 100 Standard. Weighted filling in our products is made of OEKO-TEX® Certified Non-Toxic and lead-free micro glass beads.

Duvet covers:

Our cotton duvet covers are made of 100% premium soft cotton that is OEKO-TEX® Certified. Bamboo duvet covers are made of 100% natural bamboo viscose and the Comfort and Deluxe Comfort duvet covers are made of 100% polyester. All our fabrics are certified by the OEKO-TEX® 100 Standard so you can be sure our products are clean and safe, and made with soft premium fabrics that are cool and breathable for year-round use.

In the case of normal use, there are no risks in using a weighted blanket. To be on the safe side, we have nevertheless chosen to issue certain warnings. We recommend that you consult your doctor before you start using a weighted blanket if you for example have weak lung capacity or weakened muscles; or if the intended user is a child under the age of 5.

We haven´t found any reports that a weighted blanket would be dangerous for pregnant women, but once again, consult your doctor before you start using a weight blanket if you feel insecure about what to do.

Weighted blankets and duvet covers are all machine washable, but respect the washing machine's weight limits. We therefore recommend hand washing for this reason, as not all washing machines can withstand the weight of the blankets. If you decide to wash the weighted blanket in the machine, first remove the duvet cover and wash the blanket alone in the machine with lukewarm water without spinning. Let the blanket dry on a level or hanging surface. Weighted blanket is also possible to dry clean. Duvet covers can be machine washed in lukewarm water and spin dry.

Polar Night guarantees the quality of each of our products—if you experience a problem due to materials or workmanship at any time at the 2 year guarantee time of the product, please contact us so we can repair or replace your purchase. 

Shipping and Payment Information

We have free EU shipping* for orders over 100€.

Orders under 100€:

Finland - 4,90€ to nearest Post office - 9,90€ for home delivery

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden - 9,90€

Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Malta, Monaco, Romania, United Kingdom - 29,90€

*Aland Islands, Norway, Switzerland shipping costs are always 49,90€

A full list of our payment methods can be found on our website upon checking out, but at this time we accept: All major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Diner's Club etc.), PayPal, Apple Pay and bank transfers for some banks.

Additionally, we want everyone to experience the amazing effects of the Polar Night products so we have now partnered with Klarna to provide easy to pay payment plans. Once you go through the checkout process, Klarna shows as an option when entering your credit card information.

Once your order has been placed, it is prepared for shipping in the next business day. When your order is ready for shipping and leaves our warehouse, you will receive an email notification with a tracking number and a link to view the status of your delivery. Orders are estimated to arrive within 3-7 business days

If your order has not shipped in over two weeks, please notify us at This may mean there may be an issue in fulfillment/delivery that we can work to get resolved. 

Returns and Exchanges

It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure that they enter their shipping and order information correctly before submitting it.

Our warehouse is very efficient and will have an order on the line within the next business day of the order being placed. Therefore, asking for an address change or cancellation rarely can happen before the order ships out.

If you are attempting to update your address, we ask that you first contact your shipping provider once you are emailed the tracking number before reaching out to Polar Night Blankets. If the address is a minor change, they are most often able to adjust this on their own. Please contact us at once you have reached out to the shipping provider if you are in need of further assistance.

If your order has already shipped, you will need to submit a return or exchange after it arrives to you (30-day return policy can be found here.) 

Weighted blanket is a hygiene product. To ensure the hygiene of the products, the hygiene product cannot be returned.
Hygiene products are not entitled to change or return after the package has been opened, as the product cannot be returned for sale. Information on the definition of product hygiene can be found in the online product information sheet for each hygiene product.

If you conclude your purchase is not a good fit or that you would prefer a different product instead, we welcome you to request a return authorization by emailing Once the below information has been received, we can then approve your return and provide you with the return slip. To expedite this process, please include the following information within your email:

- Name On Order

- Order number PN (e.g. PN1234)

- Email address order was placed under

- Shipping Address

- Reason for return

- Choice of exchange or refund

Be advised that returns must be submitted within 30 days of delivery, the return item must be undamaged (new condition), and customers are responsible for all return shipping charges and packaging

The original packaging (cardboard box + plastic case) is a non-negotiable. We cannot accept your return without the cardboard box and the plastic case. This is for few reasons. We need the plastic casing so that the blanket gets from your home to our distribution safely. Another reason is so it is stored safely in our distribution center and therefore will not grow mold etc. And lastly (and most importantly) this is a piece of bedding, and therefore we have to be very strict due to safety and hygiene. If on the commute back the blanket picked up a pest it could contaminate our entire distribution center. 

If you believe that your product has arrived with damage or defect, please contact customer service ( within 30 days to return items of poor quality for a refund/exchange. Please include a description and photo verification of the damage in your email.