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15 reason to choose Polar Night weighted blanket

Polar Night blanket is an amazing tool for relaxation and for improving your sleep quality. Do you want to know why? Here are 15 reasons why a weighted blanket will give you a good night’s sleep.

1. Eases Insomnia

    Did you know that most of us suffer from insomnia at some point of our lives?

    Even though you definitely don’t need a diagnosed condition to enjoy the benefits of a weighted blanket, you could have been suffering from insomnia for a long time without even understanding what you are going through. Stress and anxiety often cause loss of sleep. Sleep loss also causes stress and anxiety. It’s a vicious cycle that everyone should at least attempt to prevent.

    If you feel like you have been coping with too little sleep for a long time, it is time to act. Most of us don’t want to start with a questionable treatment with unwanted consequences. It is better to let the first step be harmless and healthy blanket. There is no need to be afraid of the unexpected consequences or high costs. Polar Night Blanket helps you sleep while making you feel relaxed and comfortable.

    2. Reduces Anxiety

      Weighted Blanket is designed to feel like massage or a hug. It relaxes you and convinces your subconscious mind that everything is fine. It makes the user feel calm and safe. The deep touch pressure stimulation causes our brains to produce serotonin naturally.  Serotonin is a hormone, that reduces anxiety and makes you feel happy.

      3. Fights Back Against Stress

        Imagine a beautiful night in Lapland with colorful northern lights in the sky. There’s not a single problem that could reach or bother you. That’s the feeling Polar Night Blankets are designed to create.

        At night, people often worry about things that doesn’t really matter or shouldn’t be worried about when it is time to rest. Studies show that the deep touch pressure stimulation therapy and serotonin helps when struggling with stress. We highly recommend the Polar Night Blanket for stress relief.

        4. Improves Focus for ADHD

          A person who suffers from ADHD can suffer from many kinds of symptoms, but ADHD is best known for focusing difficulties and hyperactivity.

          The deep touch pressure stimulation is proved to calm a person down. This is great news for a someone who suffers from ADHD. It helps the mind and the body to enter a state of peacefulness that helps hyperactive person to clear his mind and fall asleep.

          5. Eases Symptoms of Restless Leg Syndrome

            Someone who suffers from restless leg syndrome experiences an uncomfortable feeling in their legs that can be highly frustrating. Often the sufferers attempt to control the feeling by putting pressure on their legs.

            Weighted Blanket can help with the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Weight of the blanket generates pressure on the legs when a person is trying to fall asleep. The night happens to be the time when the restless leg syndrome symptoms are at their worst.

            6. Improves Sleep Quality

              Do you ever wonder why am I still tired even though I have slept seemingly enough?

              It’s because your quality of sleep might be poor. One way to improve your sleep quality is to make sure that the conditions you sleep in represents those that your body finds propriate. Our natural in-build mechanism is triggered to produce serotonin when our bodies sense pressure from a Polar Night weighted blanket. It sends our brain a message that we are in a safe and comfortable environment for sleep. Without it, it is more likely to remain in a less deep state of sleep. That is also why Polar Night weighted Blanket helps you to wake feeling well rested. You might also want to try the Polar Night weighted eye mask for better quality of sleep.

              7. Manages Autism Symptoms

                Autism patients often prefer a slower touch that Polar Night blankets provide for its users. The weighted blanket recreates a massage that smoothly creates pressure that calms autism symptoms down.

                8. Boosts Mood

                  It’s understandable that with less or poor sleep you are grouchier than normally, but did you know that sadness moodiness is often caused by the lack of the same hormone that weighted blankets help to produce? 

                  Being tired might cause a person to have mood swings during the day. If you feel bit moody, the Polar Night blanket is a perfect first aid kit. Feeling well rested and happy also helps people around you to be more relaxed as well. Being happy makes you more social and popular!

                  9. Addresses Symptoms of PTSD

                    Post-traumatic stress disorder might occur when a person has been in a traumatic situation like an accident. PTSD symptoms include insomnia and depression. Weighted blanket therapy can provenly help with these symptoms. It also helps with anxiety that is a common problem for PTSD sufferers.

                    10. Encourages Focus in the Classroom

                      It’s commonly known that sleep helps with memorizing things and sleep loss causes difficulties with concentration. While a person is tired, he or she might really feel like it’s harder to succeed in tasks which need critical thinking, than normally. This is because our brain functions slow down when we are tired. Polar Night Blanket is great way to better concentration and learning.

                      11. Eases Travel Anxiety

                        If you experience travel anxiety, you might be interested of Polar Night weighted lap pad. It gives you the same calming effect on the road. It is easy to carry with you and start using for example on the plane. Also, the Polar Night weighted u-neck pillow is great for flying!

                        12. Helps the Elderly

                          The elderly people suffer from insomnia a lot more often than others. Sometimes the insomnia itself causes stress and anxiety that elderly people often have. Polar Night Blankets might improve the elderly persons sleep duration and quality.  Consider helping yourself and your loved ones to start enjoying better night’s sleep again. For example, buy a weighted blanket as a gift!

                          13. Soothes Symptoms of Panic Disorder

                            Panic attacks are hard to control, and they can happen any time. Most likely you have already figured out that Polar Night Blankets help to control anxiety. This makes them a valuable tool in controlling panic attacks.

                            14. Helps Manage OCD

                              OCD sufferers suffer from lot of different kind of symptoms. Some might have a strong aversion to germs, or fear of losing control etc.

                              OCD studies has shown a connection to low serotonin levels. Deep touch pressure stimulation has ability to raise serotonin levels according to studies.

                              15. Promotes Calm

                                Polar Night Blankets hug-like pressure calms you immediately in the evening. Its calming effect helps you to relax and truly enjoy the night.

                                Serotonin helps us to keep calm through the entire day. Even though you have had a few too many difficulties during the day, the weighted blanket helps you to stay calm.

                                Weighted blanket also has other than immediate effects. For example, when you  feel that hard work doesn’t pay off and that there is no good enough reason for everyday routines, it might mean that you are not rewarding yourself enough. Knowing that there is something to wait for in the evening is such an important factor in our lives that we recommend investing in it. Polar Night Blankets are particularly healthy and safe way to start enjoying every part of your day. Naturally being well rested also helps you to stay calm during the day.